Posted by: Jamie Stamm | May 17, 2010

These boots were made for splashin’

What to do after nearly 24 straight hours of rain?

Stay inside and watch a movie? Read a book? Clean our rooms?

Not when we have rubber boots, a huge puddle at the end of our driveway and a stream of rainwater flowing through our yard.

Eventually, the boots were abandoned in favor of bare feet.

Yeah, today was a good day.

Posted by: Jamie Stamm | May 8, 2010

There’s a what in the faucet?

Earlier this week, after the kids had gone to bed, Jerry installed a low-flow faucet in their bathroom – a move intended to conserve water for benefit of both the environment and our bank account.

The next morning, Cera used the potty but stopped short of washing her hands. Instead, she went to find her dad.

“I need you to come here,” she told him, a sense of urgency in her voice. “There’s something wrong.”

Jer followed Cera back to the bathroom, where she pointed at the sink.

“Dad,” she said, “there’s a light bulb in the faucet.”

You know, I can kind of see where she’s coming from.

Posted by: Jamie Stamm | May 7, 2010

The need to know now

Not that he’s seen “Iron Man” (or will for the next several years), but for the past week, Anthony has been begging to go to Burger King to get one of the Iron Man toys that currently come in their children’s meals. So yesterday, I used lunch at the Home of the Whopper as bribery to get Ant to behave through trips to the grocery store and Wal-Mart.

He was not disappointed, scoring a Flip N’ Fly War Machine, the same toy his friend Dylan had brought to preschool earlier in the week.

“Mommy,” Ant said as we were leaving the restaurant, “when we get home, can you e-mail Dylan to let him know I got the same Iron Man as him?”

Stifling a laugh, I asked, “Why don’t you just tell him at school tomorrow?”

“Because,” Ant replied, “e-mail is much faster.”

Posted by: Jamie Stamm | May 7, 2010

Crisis averted

Anthony is the biggest morning person I know, particularly in contrast to his sister, whose a.m. routine at his age consisted of mumbling, “Leave me alone! Leave me alone!” while pulling the covers tightly around herself.

Not Ant man. He wakes most mornings with a big grin, some loving words for his Mommy and a few hugs and kisses. So I was a bit alarmed when his first words of the day today were, “I’m mad.”

“Why are you mad?” I asked.

He looked at me sleepily, and, as the cobwebs cleared from his head, that familiar smile began to slowly creep across his face.

“Never mind,” he said, fully beaming. “It was just a dream.”

Posted by: Jamie Stamm | May 2, 2010

Mommy’s little actress

Cera recently wrapped up a seven-week series of acting classes at the local community center, and she absolutely loved it. Needless to say, there will be more drama in her future.

(You can take that however you want. :))

While she did an excellent job memorizing her lines and portraying her character, my favorite moment of the whole drama experience didn’t happen at the community center. Instead, it occurred in the comfort of my own living room.

One night a little over a week ago, Cera asked to borrow Jerry’s laptop so she could “Google something.” She returned it a few minutes later, with this explanation: “We’re playing puppies, and I needed to show Anthony some pictures of baby German shepherds so he could get in character.”

Yeah, give her a few more years, and she’ll be teaching that drama class.

Posted by: Jamie Stamm | May 1, 2010

I’m no longer MIA

Forgive me, blogosphere, for I have sinned. It’s been one month since my last post.

One whole month. Wow.

In my defense, it was a busy month. There were skating lessons, gymnastics classes and play rehearsals. There was packing and unpacking for trips both north and east. There were birthday parties and Easter guests and hours-long play dates. There were veggies to plant and flower gardens to build.

And there was a Mama who, in the middle of it all, had a crisis of faith – in her ability to be a competent wife and mother, to balance quality time with her kids with being a work-at-home mom. There was medication, and there were side effects. Oh, the side effects! And then there was a new medication. And there was hope – for a lot of things.

Of course, there were funny moments throughout that I wanted to share. Many of them. But most nights, the need for sleep outweighed the want to sit down at the computer for more hours than I already had to.

I’m going to try to blog more in the coming months – for me, it’s some of the best (and cheapest!) therapy there is – but I can’t make any guarantees. After all, the pool opens in a few weeks. Followed by end-of-the-year activities. And soccer camp. And beach trips.

It never slows down. But with a little work – on my mind, body and soul – I’m hoping to find a way to keep up with the pace.

Posted by: Jamie Stamm | April 1, 2010

Just one reason I love preschoolers

For Anthony’s Valentine’s Day party at preschool, I made heart-shaped, cherry Jello Jigglers, and I never saw a snack disappear more quickly. So for this morning’s Easter get-together, I offered up a platter of Jello bunnies, eggs and tulips.

Of course, all of us parents try to push our children toward the healthy snacks, which today included strawberries, kiwi, cantaloupe and blueberries. But – let’s be honest – that’s not what kids want to eat at a party. Instead, Ant and his classmates gravitated toward the popcorn, pretzels and those Jigglers.

After one of the little girls had had what her mom felt was her fair share of Jello, she once again sneaked to the platter and grabbed a raspberry bunny, bolting quickly back to her seat.

Her mom caught her red-handed (literally and figuratively) and after chastising her said, “Well, you can have it now. You’ve already touched it.”

I practically saw a light go on over another of the student’s heads and, before I could get a word out, he’d licked his thumb and touched it to each remaining Jiggler, grinning as he silently declared them his.

It kind of reminded me of someone’s little sister who used to take a bite out of every doughnut in the box. I don’t think I need to name any names …

Posted by: Jamie Stamm | March 21, 2010

The ice cream man cometh

I wonder, once you’ve bought treats from the ice cream man, will your house be targeted for the rest of the spring and into the summer?

If so, I’d better start an ice cream fund for the coming months. Because, as soon as they hear the chime of the truck, my kids start screaming for ice cream. And I can’t resist seeing them so happy.

Posted by: Jamie Stamm | March 17, 2010

Just call me Charlie

Fresh from a St. Patrick’s Day scavenger hunt at preschool, Anthony was excited to share news of his finds with me.

“I have lots of four-leaf clovers for Daddy,” he said, pulling a handful of green from one pocket, “and lots of rocks for you,” he added, pointing to his other pocket, which was noticeably sagging.

“Wait, Daddy gets four-leaf clovers, and Mommy gets rocks?” I asked.

“I think that’s fair,” he said, throwing one of my most-used parenting phrases back at me.

Never in my life have I felt more like Charlie Brown.

Posted by: Jamie Stamm | March 13, 2010

Such a sensitive soul

After overhearing the vet and I talking this afternoon about Aidan’s impending neutering, Cera understandably had a few questions about what was going to happen to her puppy. So, without going into too many details, I told her that Aidan was going to have surgery that would prevent him from having babies with any female dogs.

She seemed OK with that simple explanation, except for one thing.

“Mommy,” she asked, with a concerned look on her face, “Aidan can still fall in love, right?”

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