Posted by: Jamie Stamm | July 12, 2010

(Grand)Mother knows best

A few weekends ago, my mom, whom the kids call Moo, stayed at our house while Jerry and I spent our 10th anniversary in Virginia wine country. Cera and Anthony usually go to my parents’ place when we’re out of town, but since school was still in session, we decided it was best for them to stay here. And they were quite excited to have some quality time with Moo on their own turf.

Flash forward to tonight in our backyard, when Anthony started climbing on top of the kids’ playhouse, a big no-no in his overly cautious Mommy’s book.

“Moo let me do it when she was here,” he argued. “She told me I could climb on the roof as long as there was an adult around.”

“Well, Moo and Mommy have different rules,” I replied.

“But she’s your Mommy,” he shot back. “So you have to listen to her rules.”

Excuse me, but did I just get out-logiced by a 4-year-old?



  1. Yes. Yes you did.
    Good luck with the climbing. I haven’t encountered that one yet…..

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