Posted by: Jamie Stamm | June 2, 2010

When a pretty face meets a metal mailbox

Cera was so enthusiastic in her puddle stomping yesterday afternoon that she somehow ran headfirst into the mailbox at the end of our driveway. This photo doesn’t really do her injury justice. But still – ouch!

Even worse, after a day of explaining to her friends and teachers how she hurt herself, I think my little girl’s ego may be bruised even more than her pretty face.



  1. Ouch! We have to yell out to Bella “watch where you’re going!” all the time. This is exactly why.

  2. When Cera was Bella’s age, we were hauling butt to RDU to catch a 6 a.m. flight and she ran smack into one of those huge U.S. Postal Service mailboxes. It was awful! Maybe Cer just can’t see mailboxes …

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