Posted by: Jamie Stamm | May 8, 2010

There’s a what in the faucet?

Earlier this week, after the kids had gone to bed, Jerry installed a low-flow faucet in their bathroom – a move intended to conserve water for benefit of both the environment and our bank account.

The next morning, Cera used the potty but stopped short of washing her hands. Instead, she went to find her dad.

“I need you to come here,” she told him, a sense of urgency in her voice. “There’s something wrong.”

Jer followed Cera back to the bathroom, where she pointed at the sink.

“Dad,” she said, “there’s a light bulb in the faucet.”

You know, I can kind of see where she’s coming from.



  1. It looks scary to me too. Did Daddy put it up correctly? If he learned from me, probably not.

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