Posted by: Jamie Stamm | May 1, 2010

I’m no longer MIA

Forgive me, blogosphere, for I have sinned. It’s been one month since my last post.

One whole month. Wow.

In my defense, it was a busy month. There were skating lessons, gymnastics classes and play rehearsals. There was packing and unpacking for trips both north and east. There were birthday parties and Easter guests and hours-long play dates. There were veggies to plant and flower gardens to build.

And there was a Mama who, in the middle of it all, had a crisis of faith – in her ability to be a competent wife and mother, to balance quality time with her kids with being a work-at-home mom. There was medication, and there were side effects. Oh, the side effects! And then there was a new medication. And there was hope – for a lot of things.

Of course, there were funny moments throughout that I wanted to share. Many of them. But most nights, the need for sleep outweighed the want to sit down at the computer for more hours than I already had to.

I’m going to try to blog more in the coming months – for me, it’s some of the best (and cheapest!) therapy there is – but I can’t make any guarantees. After all, the pool opens in a few weeks. Followed by end-of-the-year activities. And soccer camp. And beach trips.

It never slows down. But with a little work – on my mind, body and soul – I’m hoping to find a way to keep up with the pace.



  1. You are the best wife and mother I know. <B

  2. When you look back on these years, you’ll remember the skating lessons and gymnastics classes and rehearsals. You won’t remember whether you blogged.

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