Posted by: Jamie Stamm | April 1, 2010

Just one reason I love preschoolers

For Anthony’s Valentine’s Day party at preschool, I made heart-shaped, cherry Jello Jigglers, and I never saw a snack disappear more quickly. So for this morning’s Easter get-together, I offered up a platter of Jello bunnies, eggs and tulips.

Of course, all of us parents try to push our children toward the healthy snacks, which today included strawberries, kiwi, cantaloupe and blueberries. But – let’s be honest – that’s not what kids want to eat at a party. Instead, Ant and his classmates gravitated toward the popcorn, pretzels and those Jigglers.

After one of the little girls had had what her mom felt was her fair share of Jello, she once again sneaked to the platter and grabbed a raspberry bunny, bolting quickly back to her seat.

Her mom caught her red-handed (literally and figuratively) and after chastising her said, “Well, you can have it now. You’ve already touched it.”

I practically saw a light go on over another of the student’s heads and, before I could get a word out, he’d licked his thumb and touched it to each remaining Jiggler, grinning as he silently declared them his.

It kind of reminded me of someone’s little sister who used to take a bite out of every doughnut in the box. I don’t think I need to name any names …


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