Posted by: Jamie Stamm | March 12, 2010


One of the grosser parts of this morning’s sickness was when Anthony started gagging/coughing up huge amounts of mucus.

It was everywhere. On his face. In his hands. On his shirt and pants and socks. And, of course, on my shoulder and down the back of my shirt.

When Ant was relating the story to his sister after school, he referred to what had happened as “puking up mucus,” but, as the day went on, and the story was retold again and again (because, well, he’s a boy, and it was gross, thus it bore repeating), the whole process morphed into one word – “pucus.”

I’m so glad Ant has added to his ever-growing vocabulary. At least it gave him and me a good giggle on what was otherwise a pretty miserable day.


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