Posted by: Jamie Stamm | October 23, 2009

When the parent becomes the student

Anthony has reached the age when anything and everything that has to do with dinosaurs is cool. So a lot of our conversations lately have revolved around the biggest dinosaur ever or the smallest dinosaur ever or the smartest dinosaur ever. (Yes, apparently there is a “smartest” dinosaur – the Troodon – at least according to my children via information obtained from PBS’ “Dinosaur Train.” As Cera put it – in her you-should-already-know-this voice – “He had a really big brain for his size, Mom.”)

So, this afternoon, on our drive to the library, talk once again turned to our prehistoric pals. Today’s topic: creatures that lived at the same time as dinosaurs.

“Were there men?” Cera asked.

“No,” I replied.








“Harpies?” I repeated. “What’s a harpy?”

I mean, I’ve heard the word “harpy” before – to describe a not-so-nice woman – but I was hoping that wasn’t how my daughter was using it.

“You know, a harpy. Half-woman, half-bird? But it can only be a woman,” Cera explained.


“Where did you learn about harpies?” I asked.

“Warcraft,” she said.

Wow, she really is learning something from video games.

I think maybe I should brush up on my Greek mythology, if I have any hopes of keeping up with my precocious daughter.



  1. keep em coming

  2. Hey Momma, you’re just a half-stimulus behind that precocious daughter of yours (whereas I’m about 15 stimuli behind). You are correct: a harpy is from Greek mythology, a bird woman who snatches things away. Also correct: not the kind o’girl you want your son to be around.

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