Posted by: Jamie Stamm | October 23, 2009

I’ll have mine monkey-style

This afternoon, I was momentarily taken aback when Anthony told me that for snack, he wanted a banana. And not just because he was asking for fruit while his big sis was chowing down on a pile of Twisted Cheetos. No, I was rendered temporarily speechless because he asked for his banana “monkey-style.”

Monkey-style? What the heck is monkey-style?

Lucky for me, it only took a few seconds for my built-in preschooler translator to kick in. This, my friends, is a peeled banana:

peeled banana

And this is a banana monkey-style:

monkey style

Any questions?



  1. Too cute. Bella will only accept a banana this way. She calls it her monkey nana. If I give her a peeled banana, she refuses to eat it. You know, because they taste different.

  2. Your blog is so educational! And your children are hilarious!

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