Posted by: Jamie Stamm | August 28, 2009

My knight in Dollar Tree armor

Who says $2 can’t buy happiness?


When Ant and I were at the dollar store this week, replenishing his prize box (which has gone from a “potty” box to a “twice-a-day tooth-brushing” box – hey, I’m not above bribery for any and all unliked activities), we found two diamonds in the rough – a gold plastic knight’s helmet and matching shield – with shiny dragon emblem. So far, they’ve held up pretty well for a 200-cent purchase – and I should know, as my afternoons since have been spent getting whacked in the shins with a plastic sword as I battle my “knightmare” (to set the record straight, he gave himself that name).

I should have bought myself a shield as well.

knightmare 3

Anthony is enjoying his new toys so much that he’s declared he wants to be a knight for Halloween (let’s hear it for cheap costumes). And, as an added bonus, the shield and helmet provide the perfect foil when my little man doesn’t want his picture taken.

knightmare 2



  1. Nice find, Jamie! Although I suppose your shins may disagree.

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