Posted by: Jamie Stamm | August 5, 2009

No ‘P’ in the Y ‘OOL’


I can only assume that, somewhere along the line, Anthony saw one of the above signs and took it to heart. Because, aside from peeing on the potty each morning when he wakes up, the only place he’s used the bathroom consistently is at the pool.

During each pool trip over the past week – including an afternoon at my parents’ – Ant has announced that he has to pee and then held it until we’ve made it to the bathroom. At the Y pool especially, this is quite a feat, as it involves climbing out of the pool, walking quickly but carefully to the women’s room and across the slippery floor and pulling down a wet bathing suit, plastic pants (the Y requires them, a policy I completely agree with after numerous evacuations last summer due to … well, “floaters”) and a swim diaper. Compare that to home, where yesterday, Ant, wearing only a pull-up, made it just inside the bathroom door before unloading on the floor. Honestly, I didn’t know a toddler could produce that much pee.

Overall, potty training is going fairly well. Ant has rounded the first curve on his Potty Train-ing chart, earning several stickers and other small prizes along the way. We’re still waiting for him to poop in the potty, an occasion that will be acknowledged with the awarding of a new Venom action figure that he’s been begging for for months. I’m not pushing it, though. Because after several months of complete inaction on the potty training front, I’ll take what I can get.


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