Posted by: Jamie Stamm | July 24, 2009

Another successful translation

My husband is a wonderful storyteller and, for the past few months, has been delighting the kids with the ongoing tale of a samurai cat and its magic sword. After listening to tonight’s installment, Anthony ran to the living room and excitedly told me, “Mommy, there was a two-headed yogurt in the dungeon!”

“A two-headed what?” I asked.

“A two-headed yogurt,” he repeated.

I knew “yogurt” wasn’t right (and I assumed the word had popped into his little head because he ate two cartons of yogurt today), but what was he trying to say?

Hmmm … what sounds like “yogurt” and might be found in a dungeon?

And then it hit me.

“A two-headed ogre?” I guessed.

“Yes, a two-headed ogre,” Ant replied.




  1. You should write down story, might make a cool graphic novel! I could illustrate…

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