Posted by: Jamie Stamm | June 20, 2009

Mommy’s little bruiser

All I wanted was a quick and easy Saturday lunch before heading to the pool.

There were turkey burgers and rosemary potatoes reheating in the microwave and buns under the broiler. I was just pouring drinks for Jerry and I – root beer for him, Diet Coke for myself – when … bam!

Followed by crying.

Real crying.

I ran to the living room to find Anthony with his hand covering his left eye. Underneath was this lovely bruise, already swelling …


“What happened?” I asked, as I scooped him up and grabbed an ice pack (I’m quickly learning that a freezer full of ice packs is a must for the mother of a 3-year-old boy). “I thought you were eating.”

“I was,” he sobbed. “And I fell off the couch.”

“You were just sitting there eating, and you fell off the couch?” I repeated back to him.

“Yes,” said my son, who is notorious for not sitting still while eating.

Since Jerry was helping a neighbor fix her waterline and Cera was in the bathroom, we’ll never know for sure what happened. But I imagine it involved Anthony standing on the couch, bending over to pluck a piece of hot dog from his plate and losing his balance, causing him to fall forward and hit his head on the TV tray from which he was eating.

Or, in preschool speak, he just fell off the couch while eating.

By the way, the bruise above the one beside Ant’s eye was not a result of today’s accident. He got that one earlier in the week from charging down the hallway and running headfirst into the folding doors that conceal our washer and dryer. There’s also a bruise on the other side of his head, which I’m pretty sure he got falling off our bed during a round of forbidden jumping. He claims he has no idea how it happened.

I think we should consider having Ant wear his hockey helmet all the time.

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