Posted by: Jamie Stamm | June 4, 2009

I’m back (I think)

I must apologize for my lack of posts this past week. It’s not that the kids haven’t been their normal, adorable selves. It’s that Mama has had a severe case of blogger’s block. I don’t know that my fog has completely lifted, but I’d still like to share a few recent laughs from my son.

Ant is done with preschool for the summer, so he trailed along with me to volunteer at Cera’s school on Wednesday. There was a dad volunteering at the same time, and he was clad in a naval service dress uniform.

“Mama, is that a police officer?” Ant asked.

Overhearing the question, the gentleman replied, “No, son. I’m in the Navy.”

Ant looked at me quizzically, and I offered, “He works on a ship.”

I could almost see Ant’s brain processing this information. He wears a uniform … he works on a ship … he must be a pirate!

Ant turned to the sailor and said, “We have two swords, but we don’t have a shield.”

As I waited for my son to offer to join the “pirate’s” band of merry men, the gentleman gave us a confused look, followed by a brief wave, and quickly walked away. I don’t think he had a clue where Ant was coming from.

Ant: “Mama, does orange juice come from oranges?”

Me: “Yes.”

Ant: “And does apple juice come from apples?”

Me: “Yes. But do you know where milk comes from?”

Ant (in a how-stupid-are-you-Mama voice): “Yes, it comes from the store.”

Before Cera’s gymnastics program on Saturday, one of the school’s instructors played the national anthem on guitar.

“Listen,” Anthony said. “It’s the hockey song.”

Yes, everything in my son’s world – even “The Star-Spangled Banner,” which they play before each Hurricanes game – can in some way be related to hockey.



  1. Yep, if you’d publish this stuff you’d be a millionaire for sure!

  2. So very cute and funny! I laughed out loud.

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