Posted by: Jamie Stamm | May 20, 2009

I love a full refrigerator

On each school day since his incomplete Mother’s Day gift, which upset his teacher much more than it did me, Anthony has at least attempted the same art project as his classmates. First to come home was this “raindrops on flowers” paint and crayon combo …

fridge art

… which he obviously had some help with (Can you guess which part he did himself?). Next was his rainbow …

fridge art 2

… which his teacher told me he enjoyed more for the culinary angle of the project than its artistic side (in other words, he ate more cereal than he glued to his paper).

And, today, he brought home a rainbow fish …

fridge art 3

… which he claims to have completed all by himself and was proud enough to pose beside for a photo.

I’m glad Ant’s participating at school (and I’m sure it makes his teacher feel much better). But given a choice, I know he’d still choose a hockey stick over a paintbrush every time.


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