Posted by: Jamie Stamm | May 14, 2009

Princess power!

My normally healthy family has been battling bugs and colds and various other ailments over the past few weeks, so I’ve gone on a mission to rid our house of germs. I’ve thrown open the windows; sprayed down every door knob, light switch and remote control with Lysol; and am pushing orange juice and vitamins like candy.

It’s been great for Anthony, who would drink nothing but OJ if we let him and who loves taking his vitamin each day because, as he tells me,  “It’s making me stronger, Mama.” He then poses to prove his point, showing off his muscles.

muscle man

I wonder if he’d feel less manly if he realized he’s been taking these:


Yes, I’m too cheap (Or how about too frugal? That sounds better.) to buy separate “boy” and “girl” vitamins, so Anthony’s been getting his newfound strength from Disney Princess vitamins. I’m pretty sure he has no idea that he’s been gobbling down Belle and Jasmine, though, because I have to cut his vitamins in half, thus disfiguring the princesses.

(By the way, I worry there may be something wrong with me. Why else would I take so much pleasure in cutting Cinderella in two with a steak knife? I guess six years and counting of Disney Princesses can do that to a person.)


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