Posted by: Jamie Stamm | May 8, 2009

At least he knows his anatomy …

I debated whether to share this story, but considering this week’s earlier post about nipples, I felt I had to.

As you know, Anthony is a huge sports fan, especially if it’s a sport with a goalie, like hockey, soccer or lacrosse. And when he’s “in the net,” Ant likes to announce what kind of save he’s made. If he blocks a soccer ball with his foot, it’s a kick save. If he stops a hockey puck with his arm, it’s a blocker save. And then there’s his own patented move: the butt save. Don’t ask.

That brings us to this afternoon, with Anthony in our backyard goal as I took shots at him with a soccer ball. There were several shouts of “Kick save!” and “Chest save!” and even one “Butt save!”

Still, I was completely unprepared when he blocked a ball with his crotch and yelled, “Penis save!”

I collapsed on the ground, giggling like a school girl. It probably wasn’t the best response on my behalf because it will only encourage him to say it again. But, seriously, how funny is that?



  1. so funny! i love your stories! your kiddies are great!

  2. That is WAY funny. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Yours are the funniest stories! I love reading about you and Jerry and the kids. I really think you should write a book about your adventures as the Mama to the Drama!

  4. WAY funny!!!! ROFLMAO!!!!

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