Posted by: Jamie Stamm | April 20, 2009

Back to the grind

Cera headed back to school this morning, following her final three-week intercession as a kindergartner. It took a few good shakes to rouse her from bed (I’m sure the gray skies and rain didn’t help), but, as you can see, she was all smiles by the time we pulled into the carpool line.


I think she had a good break, beginning with a visit from her grandfather and uncle and ending with a weekend at my parents’, with a trip to my home state of Pennsylvania (including stops in Richmond on the way there and back to visit my cousin, his wife and their Boston Terriers, whom Cera absolutely adored) sandwiched in between. Despite all the fun we had with family and friends – including a play date with my best friend’s kids in Pottstown and an afternoon with our cousin at the Please Touch Museum in Philadelphia – I think Cera was ready to get back to her regular routine.

And although I thoroughly enjoyed the family time that Jer, the kids and I spent together, I’m glad to be back to the grind, too. I’ve missed lazy mornings cuddling on the couch with Ant and afternoon car rides when Cera chats animatedly about her day at school. I’m ready to go to our favorite park and check out new books from the library, then snuggle close as we read those books together in our king-size bed.  I’m more than prepared to pack lunches, load book bags and help Cera with her homework.

I’m grateful to return to my “normal” life  – because it’s a blessed life indeed.


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