Posted by: Jamie Stamm | April 2, 2009

The generation gap


Cera’s tracked out again, and this morning, after we dropped Anthony off at preschool, we headed to a local diner for a “girls-only” breakfast.

Cera was fascinated with the miniature jukebox on our table and even more enthralled by the big one next to the cash register.

As we waited to pay for our meal, an elderly gentlemen in front of us turned to Cera and said, “I bet you don’t even know what a record is.”

“I don’t even think she’s knows what a cassette tape is,” I replied with a laugh.

Another older patron joined in the conversation, and Cera feigned interest for a while as the three of us talked about 45s and 78s. But after a minute or so, her vision started to drift, settling on a neon sign advertising the restaurant’s website.

“Look, Mama,” she exclaimed, “they have a dot-com!”

I couldn’t help laughing. How amusing is it that my 6-year-old has no idea what a record is, yet is completely Internet-savvy?

Maybe tonight, we can sit down at the computer together and Google “vinyl records.” Because I think my daughter would benefit from a little history lesson.


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