Posted by: Jamie Stamm | March 5, 2009

Our bubbalicious baby

A few months back, Cera’s pediatrician recommended that we allow her to chew gum containing Xylitol, which is shown to prevent bacteria growth in the tubes that connect the nose and ears (for you science buffs out there, yes, I am talking about the eustachian tubes). The doctor added that not only would the Xylitol inhibit growth of bacteria, the act of chewing also would help flush out earwax, which Cera has an abundance of, and clear her middle ears.  (It’s all really fascinating – you can visit here for more information about ear infections and Xylitol, which also has potential benefits for diabetics, pregnant and nursing women and those suffering from osteoporosis.)

It was probably the best prescription Cera ever will receive: Have Mom and Dad buy you some gum, and chew it three times a day. Why did I always get penicillin?

Anyway, today, I decided to surprise Cera with a pack of Trident Wild Blueberry Twist gum that caught my eye in the grocery store check-out line. I thought she’d get a kick out of it because we recently watched “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,” and, well, we all remember what happened to Violet Beauregarde when she reached the blueberry pie portion of Willy Wonka’s “three-course meal” chewing gum.


Lucky for us, Cera didn’t have to be juiced, but she did learn a new trick. After a few false starts …


… almost there …


… she finally blew a bubble that was just big enough to make it look like she had a swollen tongue.


But she kept trying, and pretty soon …


… success!


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