Posted by: Jamie Stamm | March 2, 2009

Snow day!


We don’t get snow too often here in North Carolina, and two snowfalls in one year is virtually unheard of. But we awoke this morning to a light blanket of the white stuff – maybe an inch or two – which was enough for school to be canceled and for Cera to experience her first official snow day (January’s snowfall happened while she was still tracked out for the holidays).

Although they were excited at the sight of snow, the kids weren’t all that eager to go out and play in it. We finally made our way to the backyard around 1:30 p.m., and we were outside just long enough to build a snowman (it was Cera’s idea to use an icicle for his nose – pretty clever) …



… and throw a few snowballs (Anthony successfully launched one right at my camera lens, thus the blurriness in some of these photos).


After about 20 minutes in the subfreezing temperatures, my little warm-weather babies were ready to head back inside, with pleas for blankets and cocoa to warm them up.

“We need a hot tub,” Cera declared, as she asked me over and over if her lips were blue. (They weren’t.)

Hopefully, this will be our last brush with winter weather before the arrival of spring. And that could come sooner than expected. The temperature here is forecast to be in the mid-70s – more than 40 degrees warmer than today – by Saturday.


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