Posted by: Jamie Stamm | February 28, 2009

And I thought Anthony was the selfish one …

Thursday night, we did something as a family that we’d never done before.

We split up.

Jerry and Anthony went to a Carolina Hurricanes game, and Cera and I had a girls’ night out with dinner and a movie.

We had two rather different experiences.

While Anthony was content during the first period of the hockey game, by the second, he kept telling Jerry, “I want to go home. I want my Mommy.”

And I wasn’t the only one he missed. The evidence? He asked Jerry if he could save some of his Twizzlers to share with his sister.

But Cera … well, I don’t think she was a bit upset that her brother wasn’t with us.

“This is great,” she said over and over. “We should do this more often.”

The boys made it through the Canes game, which went into overtime and a shootout, and then endured traffic that didn’t move an inch over a 20-minute period. They arrived home around 10:30 p.m., so we figured Ant would sleep late this morning.

Surprise, surprise. He was up at 7 a.m. But by 2 p.m., he had crashed so hard that he endured two transfers from the car to the house without waking up. As Ant continued to sleep on the couch after we’d picked up Cera from school, I gave Cera some leftover movie popcorn for her afternoon snack.

“Can I have some Twizzlers, too?” she asked.

“Not until your brother wakes up,” I replied. “They are his, and he wants to share them with you.”

I set up Cera with a movie, grabbed the phone and headed to the kitchen (I know, great mom I am, but in my defense, I was returning a call from my grandmother).

About five minutes later, I noticed that the volume on the television had increased dramatically, and for a second, I panicked. Because Cera has her first cold since her tonsillectomy, and I feared she might be having trouble hearing again.

But not to worry. The raised volume was completely intentional.

“Anthony’s awake, Mama,” Cera called from the living room. “So, can I have the Twizzlers now?”


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