Posted by: Jamie Stamm | February 22, 2009

Mission accomplished

Although I did have to hold him in my lap, Anthony had a tantrum-free haircut today. The bangs are a bit shorter than I would have preferred, but, hey, his hair is much better than it was this morning. Note the cheese puff residue on his face, a reward for his good behavior at the hairdressers’.



Not to be outdone, Cera insisted I take a pic of her new haircut, which was tailored to cover up the trim she gave herself a few months ago.


Well, one photo led to another, and pretty soon, Cera was staging a full-on modeling session for me.


You have to love those bright-white sneakers. Guess who got their tax return on Friday?


The photo below was my absolute favorite.


“Let me fling my hair for you,” she said.

“Who taught you that?” I asked.

“Me,” she replied.

Wow. We’re in trouble with this one …



  1. That’s my little girl, and such a poet to as she sees the sun in all its sparkling pieces. Surely Blogamama is the best kind a mama! And you are quite the photographer, too. GASSR

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