Posted by: Jamie Stamm | February 7, 2009

A bedtime conversation

Cera: Mama, are you going to have any more babies?

Me: No. I’m not planning to.

Cera: I’d really like a sister. And a brother.

Me (pointing to Anthony, who’s asleep beside me): You already have a brother.

Cera: I want a different brother. Another one.

Me: You know, we only have three bedrooms in this house. If Mama had two more babies, you and Anthony would have to share your rooms.

Cera (immediately going on the defensive): But I’m the oldest. I wouldn’t have to share my room. Anthony would have to share his with both babies.

Me (becoming increasingly amused with this conversation): Ah … well, you know how you say you never get any attention? Because Anthony gets all the attention?

Cera (glaring at her sleeping brother): He does.

Me: Well, if there were two more babies, you really wouldn’t get any attention. Think about that.

Cera (looking concerned): You’re right. I wouldn’t get any attention. (Pause) OK, I don’t want you to have any more babies.

Me (kissing Cera on the forehead): Good, now go to sleep. I love you, baby.

Cera: I love you, too, Mama. Good night.



  1. This sounds similar to a lot of the conversations at my house lately. We have a baby who’s not even 3 weeks old and Jackson is planning for another one. Sooooooooooo not going to happen!

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