Posted by: Jamie Stamm | January 31, 2009

Dinner and a show

After dinner last night, Cera and Anthony entertained us with a puppet show.


We made the puppets the night before (thanks, Aunt Katie, for an awesome get-well present).


Personally, the elephant is my favorite …


… although the tiger runs a close second.


But even cuter than the puppets are my kids.


I can’t wait for their next performance.



  1. You are right, the only thing cuter than those puppets are my grandkids! ( i’e gotta have the giraffe )

  2. …I’m excited that I helped inspire two blogs this week with my gift giving skills 🙂 They turned out really cute (I have to say I like the Tiger best)! And tell my adorable neice and nephew that I expect a performance during my next visit.

  3. […] would contain so many living organisms? Note to self: Don’t EVER drink the swamp water.), a set of puppets from my sister and a pack of UNO cards from my mother-in-law (UNO quickly has become Cera’s favorite game). […]

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