Posted by: Jamie Stamm | January 29, 2009

Happy birthday, dear blog!

Happy birthday to you, dear blog! You turn 1 today, and I have much to thank you for.

  • Thank you for allowing me to keep my friends and family members across the country updated about my amazing, beautiful, intelligent (I could go on and on) children, even though Cera and Anthony may hate me for sharing all their personal stories once they’re older.
  • Thank you for introducing me to a whole new community of online friends who empathize, offer advice and even criticize me as I navigate the world of parenthood. They may never know how much their input has influenced me.
  • Thank you for providing a way for me to air my hopes and fears, my frustrations and accomplishments. Sometimes putting my feelings into words really puts life in perspective.
  • Thank you for giving me a chance to make people smile, laugh and, occasionally, get really pissed off. It’s nice to know that my writing can elicit emotions 🙂
  • And most of all, thank you for giving me an outlet to write in my own voice, especially since I’ve left my beloved profession to stay home with Cera and Ant. Yes, it’s great to have those days when my blog stats spike, but I think I’d probably write even if no one was reading.

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