Posted by: Jamie Stamm | January 20, 2009

If you blog it, it will come


You are looking at one happy little girl.

Because, despite my skepticism that any snow would fall (we’ve had so many false calls in recent weeks that I no longer trust anything the weatherman says), we woke up to a yard blanketed in white and a sky filled with fat, fluffy flakes.


And we’re not talking about the dusting of snow that we usually get here in North Carolina. Oh no. Two hours ago, we already had more than 5 inches, and the flakes are still coming fast.

I don’t know what the best part of this day has been.


Seeing the excitement on Cera’s face as she first peered out the blinds.


Or watching Anthony run from room to room, surprised to find that it was snowing outside each window.


Or layering on jackets and mittens and hats to go outside, where we made snow angels, threw snowballs, gave and took rides on the sled, caught snowflakes on our tongues and shoveled snow (at least Ant found that last one fun).


So, thank you, Mother Nature, for making Cera’s dream come true. And for giving her Mommy and Daddy a snow day they’ll never forget.



  1. So glad my little girl’s dreams came true 🙂 I wish it was piling up like that here but alas the flurries are not sticking…

  2. […] which was enough for school to be canceled and for Cera to experience her first official snow day (January’s snowfall happened while she was still tracked out for the […]

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