Posted by: Jamie Stamm | January 19, 2009

A midwinter afternoon’s drama

Cera is desperate for snow, and even the mention of flurries – like today’s very slight chance – causes her hopes to rise unreasonably high.

So when this afternoon’s precipitation came in the form of raindrops instead of snowflakes, it was time for a bit of my daughter’s trademark drama.

She flung back the living room curtains and sighed loudly, then threw herself in my lap.

Looking up at me with her big, green eyes brimming with tears (have I mentioned that she can make herself cry?),  she uttered what may be one of my favorite Cera lines ever:

“Why can’t my dreams ever come true?” she wailed.

I really hope the kid gets to see some snow soon. Or it could be a long winter for both of us.



  1. Looks like her wish is coming true today! Take pictures.

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