Posted by: Jamie Stamm | January 9, 2009

My afternoon Ambien

I’m still struggling with insomnia, although not as bad as a few months ago, and have yet to find the solution that will allow me to close my eyes at a decent hour (I shy away from all medications, so my main sleep aids currently include sheer exhaustion and vast quantities of red wine).

But in the afternoon, well, I’ve found something – or should I say someone – who can put me to sleep in a matter of moments. And here he is …


Anthony is a HUGE “Thomas the Tank Engine” fan, and we’ve started watching an episode or two each afternoon to settle him down before his nap. Or at least that’s the plan. Because somewhere between the start of the first episode and the end of the DVD (which typically contains six shows), I fall fast asleep. Anthony wakes me up when the DVD is over, and then he takes a nap, oftentimes with me by his side. Maybe this is why I can’t sleep at night …

I don’t know what it is about “Thomas” that knocks me out. It’s not that I find it boring – disturbing maybe (have you heard the creepy British kids singing the theme song?), but not boring. It could be that I’ve seen every episode a million times. Or maybe it’s that by 2 p.m., I’m so exhausted due to lack of sleep that my body needs to crash. Much like Percy as he plows through that chocolate factory (hey, it’s the first show on the DVD – I’m always awake for that one).

A quick side note: I am actually a bit bothered that I spend time thinking about this, but I can’t decide who is my favorite “Thomas” narrator. Before Christmas, I would have said George Carlin, hands down, because I sense an underlying current of sarcasm in his narration. But the holidays brought us a whole new collection of “Thomas” DVDs, and I’ve since become quite fond of Alec Baldwin’s take on Gordon.

Seriously, I need to find something better to do with my time.



  1. My Mother-in-law has sleep problems too. Lately she has found that Perry Mason puts her to sleep.

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