Posted by: Jamie Stamm | January 6, 2009

Seeking a Sunshine Day


I’m starting to wonder if we moved to Seattle and my husband somehow neglected to tell me.

Because I can’t remember the last time I saw a clear Carolina blue sky, nor can I count the number of headaches I’ve had over the past few weeks as front after front has passed through our area. And the rain … it’s ranged from morning mist to flat-out downpour, but it seems to appear in some form nearly every day (I keep thinking that if the temperature could drop a few degrees, at least there would be snow for the kids to play in, but, alas, since the rain has moved in, the weather has gotten warmer).

The next few days don’t appear too promising, either. Tomorrow looks absolutely miserable (rainy and colder), and there is only one day in the weekly forecast that doesn’t picture clouds at least partially obscuring the sun.

The ground in our yard is so saturated that water squishes up around your shoes with every step. Our drainage ditches have become small streams, and there’s a near-permanent puddle at the edge of our driveway.

That has meant little outdoor time for the kids and me, and frankly, we’re starting to go a bit stir crazy. I’ve begun seeking cheap activities (Christmas and birthdays have left our budget pretty meager) that don’t involve fast-food playlands or unleashing my children on unsuspecting mall visitors. This morning, we ventured to Planet Child in Cary (hooray for buy one, get one free admission tickets), followed by a trip to the public library, an afternoon of reading and a nice, long nap snuggled together in Mommy and Daddy’s bed.

I’m steeling myself for at least another week of this weather, but after that … well, I’m beginning to think that hibernation –  or a move to where the sun still shines – aren’t such bad ideas.



  1. pack up the van I’m coming with you!

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