Posted by: Jamie Stamm | January 4, 2009

Lessons in digestion

Today was my morning to sleep in (I really do have a wonderful husband), and when I finally woke up sometime after noon (!), Anthony excitedly showed me that Daddy had let him open a new box of Lucky Charms for breakfast.

“Did you eat all the cereal in your bowl?” I asked.

“I did,” Ant said. “I put it in my mouth.”

“Well, where is it now?” I asked.

“It’s here,” he said, pointing to his heart.

Ant squirmed a bit, then put his hand on his left hip. “Now it’s here,” he said.

A little more body movement, and Ant indicated that the Lucky Charms had made their way to his knee.

“And now it’s coming out my foot,” he said. “But don’t worry, Mommy. It doesn’t hurt.”

I’ll admit, I wasn’t thinking about how cereal coming out of his feet would affect my little boy. Instead, I was wondering this: If Ant’s breakfast works its way through his apparently extremely circuitous digestive system and exits his body through his heels and soles, why am I still changing three poopy diapers a day?


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