Posted by: Jamie Stamm | December 23, 2008

All I want for Christmas …

This morning started out so well.

Both kids slept until 10 a.m. Cera was entertaining herself (and the cat) with her new dragon-themed music box. Anthony was playing quietly in his bedroom. And I was getting ready to enjoy a cup of cranberry-apple tea before starting in on the next round of Christmas cookies.

And then Anthony re-emerged from his room.

“Mommy, I’m mad at my poopy,” he said.

“You’re mad at your poopy?” I asked. “Why would you be mad at your poopy?”

“Because it came out of my diaper and got all over my floor.”

I was down the hallway in a flash. And sure enough, there on the carpet was a small spot of poop, which was spread out to the size of a CD thanks to Anthony’s efforts to clean it up … with a tissue.

Not only was there poop on his carpet, there was poop on Ant’s hands, on the inside of both of his thighs and on his right leg all the way down to his ankle. And, oh yeah, there was still a load in his diaper, too.

Somehow, I managed to stay calm. I used a handful of baby wipes to sanitize Ant the best I could and then put him in the bathtub, threw away the offending diaper and the poop-covered tissue, and returned to his bedroom armed with wash rags and cleaning supplies.

All I could think about as I scrubbed away at that stain is how ready I am for my son to be potty trained. I can’t imagine how blissful is will be to wipe no one’s butt by my own for the first time in six years, how much easier it will be to make lunch or fold a load of laundry without having to stop midway through to change a stinky, how much our budget will benefit when we don’t have to drop $60 a month on diapers and training pants (and that’s if they’re on sale AND I have coupons).

But I know that’s still a long way off. Because even though Anthony turns 3 in seven days,  he still has zero interest in using the potty. I just don’t understand. He is smart as a whip and does all sorts of “big boy” things – he helps dress himself, he washes his hair, he tries to put on his shoes – but when we mention potty training, he says, “I scared. I still a baby,” and that’s the end of the conversation.

But wait, this is the season of miracles, right? So here’s my Christmas wish: I hope that Anthony wakes up on the morning of his third birthday and declares, just like the toddlers in those Pull-Up commercials, “I’m a big kid now,” then makes his way to the bathroom.

A girl can dream, can’t she?



  1. We’re feeling your pain. 3-years and one month for our boy. No interest at all. All three of ours were stubborn that way. Bummer on the carpet. All I can say is… eww! Ha ha.

    Good luck!

  2. My 8 yr old pretty much trained himself by 2 yrs old. The baby? Not so much. She’ll be 2 in April and has zero interest in the potty.

    One thing that spurred Javi on was that he really wanted to wear fun big boy underpants. We let him pick out some Spiderman and Spongebob undies and never looked back.

  3. We tried the underpants thing, too (Ant has Spiderman and Diego), and he was interested for about an hour. He won’t even wear Pull-Ups most of the time, just diapers 😦

  4. I’m telling you…rub nose in it, whip with newspaper. Worked great for Beau.

    He is a dog, though.

  5. LMAO! I’m not sure how to solve this little quandry but it sure made me laugh!

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