Posted by: Jamie Stamm | December 10, 2008

A plea to the man in red


Dear Santa:

This Christmas, could you please leave me some proper hockey equipment under the Christmas tree?

For now, I improvise, like wearing my baseball-shaped Easter basket on my head as a helmet and socks on my hands and feet as gloves and skates (all my ideas – the socks, especially, are genius because they let me glide across the ice – er, kitchen floor). And I have lots of other variations, too. Sometimes my headgear is an old bicycle helmet left behind by the little girl who lived here before we did (the red heart motif makes it particularly masculine) or a hardhat that Daddy brought home from work (like everything else, it’s way too big for me). For hockey gloves, I’ve used everything from mittens to drink koozies to oven mitts. And, when I can manage to sneak into Mommy and Daddy’s closet, I sometimes emerge wearing Daddy’s helmet …


… or pads …


… or gloves.


Even though my current situation has caused me to think creatively and be inventive, which Mommy says are good things, I would love to have a helmet and gloves that are just my size. And maybe a real wooden stick instead of the plastic ones I’ve been using, which are quickly becoming too small as I go through a growth spurt.

I know I haven’t been the best little boy this year (I really hope that you weren’t watching when I threw that tantrum at the skating rink a few weeks ag0), but give me a break. I’m only 2.

And besides, look at my million-dollar smile (or at least what you can see of it with this “helmet” in my face).  It always works with Mommy.






  1. …and when i’m at my Moo and pop pops i use a fly swatter as my hockey stick and bubble wrap for gloves…

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