Posted by: Jamie Stamm | December 9, 2008


Once a week, I try to volunteer at Cera’s school for a program called Lunch Bunch. I usually go on Thursdays, while Anthony is at preschool, which allows me to share three or four books with Cera and three of her classmates during their lunch break.

But illness, my recent part-time job (more on that later) and holiday activities at Anthony’s school have prevented my visits over the past several weeks. So last Friday, I decided to surprise Cera and show up for Lunch Bunch unannounced, with Anthony in tow. This limited the number of students I could take with us to two (the school system only allows a parent to have four children with them at one time), but I didn’t think Cera would mind.

When I arrived, Cera and her classmates were completing a list for Santa …

(A quick side note: The list was designed to teach the kids the difference between wants and needs. Cera’s entry said, “Cera wants a puppy but needs water.” She later told me, “Mom, you need water to live.” And she’s exactly right, but how funny?)

… and the kids – with their focus firmly on the upcoming holiday season – were a bit hyped up. So instead of going by her usual list, which ensures that each child gets to attend Lunch Bunch on a regular basis, Cera’s teacher picked one child who she thought was behaving and then asked Cera to whisper in her ear the name of a friend whom she wanted to join our group.

Certainly, it would be Cera’s best friend, Audrey, I thought. And Audrey must have thought so, too. Because as Cera leaned in to her teacher, I saw a quick smile cross Audrey’s face, and she reached for her lunchbox.

So, Audrey and I were both floored when Cera’s teacher said, “Dawson, you’re going with Cera and her Mommy.”

She had chosen … a boy?

Then, I remembered that earlier in the week, Cera had shown me a drawing that Dawson had made for her. And as we talked after finishing our books, Dawson turned to Cera and said, “You’re really cool. When I have my birthday party, you’re the only girl I’m going to invite.”

And Cera blushed.

Lord no. Is this starting already? Does my daughter have her first “boyfriend”? At age 5?

And it got even worse this morning.

Not with Cera, but with Anthony. As I roused him from sleep, he gave me a silly, not-quite-awake grin and asked, “Is Callie here?”

Callie, a friend of Cera’s, went to a Christmas parade with us this past weekend. And I think that Anthony may have developed a bit of a crush …



  1. Poor Audrey!… by the way, Dawnson isn’t the little boy from the birthday party I went to is he?


  2. Oh Jamie, it begins already. Cera has a boyfriend, and Ant is trying to get himself a girlfriend. You may need to have the birds and bees talk a little earlier than you had anticipated. Good luck with that. God, I’m glad I just have dogs and not children! (Exclamation point just for you). Love ya guys, and miss you. Someday, maybe we’ll make it down that way, or we’re about to get a house full of furniture so that everyone would have enough room to sleep, so you guys should come visit the wilds of Ky.

  3. Don’t want Dawson to think he is Cera’s first boyfriend. Remember Cody at ABC daycare.

  4. We could never forget Cody, Miss Judy – they were so cute together 🙂

  5. I didn’t know Cera had a friend named Audrey- what a small world! 😉

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