Posted by: Jamie Stamm | December 6, 2008

A morning of mixed emotions?


After weeks of hanging on by a thread (or I guess, technically, a root), Cera’s third loose tooth finally popped out today, the result of her constant twisting and turning and a quick pull by Daddy. She is so excited to look under her pillow tomorrow morning, and I’m sure she fell asleep tonight dreaming of the new Littlest Pet Shop character that she plans to buy with her money from the Tooth Fairy.

Anthony, on the other hand, might not be as happy when he wakes up. Because, in an attempt to get in on the Tooth Fairy action, he pulled an imaginary tooth from his mouth today and placed it under his pillow. He even dragged Jerry into his room and lifted the pillow, asking, “Do you see it there?”

As much as I – sorry, the “Tooth Fairy” – would love to leave Ant a dollar or two based on his imagination and creativity, she just can’t do that. Because think of the fake-tooth racket it could start.

I wonder if we can convince him that a fairy did take his tooth – and left imaginary money in its place.



  1. …hope my sweet nephew wasn’t too disappointed 😦

  2. ..oops didn’t mean for mom still to be included on my comments – she is only a co-conspirator on the evil ones 🙂

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