Posted by: Jamie Stamm | December 2, 2008

Dear Asshole …

An open letter to the coward who left a note under my windshield wiper this morning at Target:

You called me a hypocrite for having bumper stickers on my car promoting both organ donation and an Obama presidency. You wondered how I can ask people to “save a life” by donating their organs, yet vote for a president “that (your incorrect English, not mine) would kill babies before they are born.”

Let me start by noting that I would never vote for a presidential candidate – or any candidate for that matter – based on a single issue. And I hope that this year, you didn’t either. Because if you voted for McCain solely because he’s pro-life, then you also voted for someone who is pro-death penalty. Talk about hypocritical.

What bothered me the most was your “logic” that because I might be pro-choice (as you assumed because of my support of Obama – I have no bumper sticker one way or the other), I wouldn’t want to save a life at all.

I have been an organ donor since the day I was able to put that little red heart on my driver’s license. That was more than a decade before I learned that generations of my family have been ravaged by a genetic disease. Before my mom needed a kidney transplant to save her life. Before I found out that I, and my children and siblings, might someday require organ donations as well.

You can’t take your organs with you to the heaven you are so obviously going to, you self-righteous asshole. So why not try to help someone else?

And as to your assertion that I need to “get a life,” I’m not the one leaving anonymous notes on people’s windshields in a shopping center parking lot. If you wanted to have an intelligent discourse with me, you could have waited by my van until I returned from buying Christmas presents for my family.

Instead, you have furthered my belief that people like you are stupid and single-minded. Is that what you hoped to accomplish?



  1. WOW – Nicely Put!!! The one thing that urks me more than almost anything is people who think that their opinion and view point is the only one in the world that matters and feel it is their mission in life to let everyone else know that their opinions are not worthy of being expressed!!!

    I, too, have been an organ donor since I was 18 and they found me old enough to sign the consent form. I hold a card in my wallet, as well as have it indicated on my driver’s license. I have told all my family and close friends that should they be with me when the question is asked that they are to tell them that anything that is still usable is fair game – I won’t be needing it anymore!!! I hope to leave behind something meaningful and good!

    Have a lovely day and don’t bother to read any more notes left on your windshield — look just long enough to make sure it isn’t someone wanting to leave you some valuable info and toss all others before they ruin your day!!!

  2. Someone had way too much time on their hands to take the time to write you a note. We all need to remember that we live in America and we have a right to our opinions.

  3. Amen Jamie! One of the most wonderful birthrights of being an American is that we’re allowed to put any bumper stickers or make any comments we want so long as we don’t infringe on other’s rights. You followed the rules, your note-writer didn’t.

    Also, as another organ donor who voted for Obama, these single issue voters are the reason our country is headed to hell in a handbasket. Whatever happened to rational, logical thinking when deciding on state matters?

    And I wanted to give you a hug when I first started reading because I remembered about your mom and your dedication to organ donation. You know it holds a big place in my heart, too, so this post really hit home for me.

    I hope you have a better day today!

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