Posted by: Jamie Stamm | November 29, 2008

Eating the sun and moon

Since Anthony isn’t a big meat eater, we encourage him to snack on peanut butter and raw nuts whenever he wants, in order to add some much-needed protein to his diet. So tonight, my hungry toddler settled in on the living room floor with a canister of mixed nuts, plucking them out one by one and giving each a thorough examination before popping it in his mouth.

I reached down and grabbed a cashew, showing it to Ant before I ate it.

“This is Mommy’s favorite kind of nut,” I said.


“Oh,” he observed, “a moon nut.”

He then reached into the canister and pulled out a round filbert.


“And this,” he said, “is a sun nut.”



  1. Filberts and almonds are my favorites. Yum!

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