Posted by: Jamie Stamm | November 12, 2008

I never would have guessed …

Anthony’s nose has been running for the past several days, but I hadn’t been too concerned because …

(What’s the best way to say this? Snot? Boogers? Drainage? Yeah, that’s sounds not-so-gross.)

… the drainage had been clear.

Tonight, however, I started to worry a bit because the mucus dripping from one nostril had turned brown. Dark brown, in fact.

“Anthony, come here,” I said. “What is wrong with your nose?”

I felt his head. No fever. And he was acting just fine.

So I grabbed a tissue and asked him to blow.

And I felt something small fly out of his nose. I opened the tissue to reveal … a melting chocolate sprinkle. From the ice cream sundae he had eaten about 20 minutes earlier.

I have no idea how that sprinkle made its way into Anthony’s nose, but I sure am glad that was the source of his dicolored drainage and not a growing infection.



  1. Reason #267 that I’m glad I had a girl.

  2. at least he didn’t stick rabbit pellets up his nose like Brad up the srteet in pottstown!

  3. …of course you are writing about snot…

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