Posted by: Jamie Stamm | November 9, 2008

Playing with her food – and then devouring it

Before this weekend, if you had asked Cera what her favorite food was, you probably wouldn’t have gotten the answer you would expect from a 5-year-old.

Pizza? Nope.

Grilled cheese? She doesn’t touch them.

Chicken nuggets? Wrong again.

Since since was 2, Cera has been a devotee of crab legs. She loves the sweetness of snow crab and the meatiness of king crab, both – of course – dipped in drawn butter. So when a local grocery chain had an outrageous sale on lobster this week, we couldn’t resist the chance to see if her taste extended to all things crustacean.

Both kids were excited as we surveyed the lobsters swimming in their tank and that excitement only escalated when the clerk at the seafood counter handed us a bag with two live lobsters inside. Cera and Ant kept the bag between them on the ride home, periodicly checking on the contents, which I had jokingly told them might try to escape.

Before the lobsters met their demise in a pot of boiling water seasoned with crab boil and lemon juice, Cera wanted to have her photo taken with her newfound friends. First, just one of them …


… and then both.


Anthony wasn’t quite as brave as his big sister, although he did get somewhat of a grip in (I love his stance in this picture; he looks like he’s ready to take off at a second’s notice).


As the lobsters steamed away, Jerry and I wondered if Cera would be able to eat hers after posing with it. After all, it was the first time she had seen her food while it was still alive.

We needn’t have worried. The first bite of that succulent meat and she was hooked. In fact, our little girl, who just recently passed the 40-pound mark, ate almost all of a pound-and-a-half lobster.


Ask her now what her favorite food is, and she’ll have two answers for you: crab … and lobster.



  1. Girl after my own heart!!! Two of my favorite foods, as well….When you started out with the post, I had no doubt how the ending would come out – if you like crab, you LOVE lobster! They taste similar, but lobster is much sweeter and favorful and a nicer texture! So, I was sure she’d fall in love instantly!

  2. How did she eat it? I would never think to try lobster w/ the kids bc it can be such a pain to eat. Confession: I’ve only had it once, therefore I am not an expert!

    I ate it at the No Name restaurant on Fish Pier in Boston – supposedly the BEST place for fresh lobster. Ehh, not so much. Never had the urge to try it again.

    However – my kids are so picky! Maybe they’d love it and we’d stop wasting food!

  3. Daddy does all the work with getting to the succullent meat. Cera just puts it on here fork, dips in butter, and enjoys.

  4. does this mean jerry is making lobster for thanksgiving?

  5. … the heck with my Mexican Thanksgiving suggestion, I like Mom’s idea 🙂

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