Posted by: Jamie Stamm | November 6, 2008

Stop and go


For the past several weeks, every time I even hesitate while driving, Anthony calls out from the back seat, “Mama, why ya stoppin’?”

On one occasion, my sudden stop was caused by a fox bolting out in front of the van, so for about two weeks, Ant switched from “Why ya stoppin’?” to “Is it a fox?” But now he’s back to his usual question.

My answers range from “It’s a stoplight” to “It’s a stop sign” to “Because the car in front of me stopped.”

But none of those fly with Anthony, who wants to get wherever it is that we’re going as quickly as possible.

“Go, go, go!” he cries out as we sit at stop signs.

“Turn green!” he screams at stoplights that are red.

And then this morning, on the way to preschool, we had this conversation:

Anthony: “Mama, why ya stoppin’? I have to get to school.”

Me: “I know you want to get to school. But there’s a stop sign.”

Anthony (obviously flustered): “Well, where are the go signs?”



  1. Patience, young man, patience! ha-ha

  2. …sounds like someone’s road rage is rubbing off…

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