Posted by: Jamie Stamm | October 30, 2008

Why I love my cookie cutters

OK, so our Wilton cookie cutter set is actually Cera’s. But I definitely use it more than she does.

Because you can make all shapes and sizes of cookies. And Jello jigglers.

And, for Halloween, you can take your assignment to make plain old finger sandwiches for your son’s preschool class and turn them into bats and pumpkins, like this:

I even tucked a special ghost-shaped sandwich in Cera’s lunchbox today.

Just call me Martha.

However, I must admit that, although my little sammies were pretty adorable, they were not my favorite item on the table at this morning’s party. That award goes to these Frankenstein rice crispie treats:

The mom who made them said she coated the treats in melted white chocolate dyed green with food coloring and then used black icing, M&M’s, JuJu Bees and gummy worms as decorations. They were so cute – and super sweet. I couldn’t resist trying one and now I’m on a complete sugar high. Hopefully my crash will coincide with Anthony’s nap …

P.S. If I were making the finger sandwiches for older children, or even adults, I would have used mustard to draw faces on them. But preschoolers are so darn picky!


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