Posted by: Jamie Stamm | October 29, 2008

My drama king

Looking back over my past several posts, I noticed that I haven’t written much about Cera lately.

That’s mainly because, at least for the moment, Anthony has usurped his big sister’s title as the most dramatic person in our household.

His rise to power comes largely thanks to conversations such as the following:

  • Me (usually with my arms full of lunch boxes and school bags or gear for soccer practice): “Come on, Anthony. Walk to the car, please.”
  • Anthony (collapsing to the ground): “I can’t. My knees don’t work anymore.”
  • Me (trying to put Anthony’s shirt on him with about a minute on the clock before we must leave for school): “I need a little cooperation here, Anthony. Can you please push your arms through the sleeves?”
  • Anthony (making his entire upper body go limp): “I can’t. My arms are broken.”
  • Me (as we’re eating lunch from yet another drive-thru): “Anthony, don’t pick up your tea by the lid. And please use two hands.”
  • Anthony (picking up his tea by the lid … with just one hand): “But I don’t have two hands.”

All he’s missing now is a good pouty picture like the one of Cera that graces my blog header, and he’ll be in full control.


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