Posted by: Jamie Stamm | October 24, 2008

Is Anthony coming out of his shell?

Cera always has been brave, but Anthony … well, not so much. He hesitates in big crowds and is afraid of most sports mascots, and it wasn’t until last week that he dared to tackle the “big slide” at McDonald’s. In comparison, his big sister was flying down that same slide before she turned 2.

So imagine my surprise when, at the state fair last night, Anthony not only went right on the kiddie roller coaster, he absolutely loved it.

So much so that he wanted to go on the “big kid” roller coaster next. But even I wasn’t quite ready for that, so instead of letting him ride with his sister, I sacrificed my knees and rode in the car with him.

Again, he absolutely loved it. In fact, on the second trip (yes, we rode the coaster twice), he put his hands up as we roared down the hill, just like his big sister.

That’s not to say that Anthony didn’t encounter anything scary at the fair. He was skeptical of …

… the ponies.

“I don’t wanna!” he cried as we got in line for the attraction that Cera had been anticipating all day.

But Anthony loved riding the horses last year, so we just carried him to a pony and plopped him on top, clad in a straw hat that the ride operator had offered to get Ant in the mood.

And the result?

One very happy cowboy.


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