Posted by: Jamie Stamm | October 13, 2008

This obsession takes the cake

Like all kids, Cera and Anthony have had their share of strange obsessions, from Cera’s penchant for temporary tattoos (applying them to her nearly daily when she was a toddler is how she learned to count to 30) to Anthony’s fixation on anything sticky, from the tabs on diapers to Scotch tape.

But Cera’s new obsession takes the cake.

Yesterday, while searching for instructions on how to frost cupcakes so they’ll look like soccer balls, I came across a Web site that featured several videos on cake decorating. Cera curled up in my lap, and we watched as a professional baker demonstrated how to make a variety of sports-themed cupcakes, along with a dinosaur cake and a train cake.

And then I was done. But Cera stayed in front of the computer and absorbed every video she could from that site. She was thoroughly engrossed as the baker made cakes in the shapes of a princess and a castle and a purse, and I’m sure she picked up some valuable decorating tips (as did I from across the room), such as tucking parchment paper under the corners of a cake to protect the presentation space and always adding a thin layer of icing before the main layer to seal in any crumbs.

I thought yesterday might be the end of it, but this afternoon, Cera asked me to find the site again. And she sat and studied decorating for nearly an hour, learning how to make a butterfly cake and a flip-flop cake as she sipped on a mug of hot chocolate.

I guess it’s better than watching cartoons, and who knows? Maybe she’s preparing herself for a career in culinary arts. I just hope this doesn’t mean she’ll have big expectations for this year’s birthday cake. Because even those simple soccer ball cupcakes are going to test my artistic abilities.



  1. Do you guys get “Food Network”? We don’t, but when we were @ my mother-in-law’s a while back, I remember seeing a cake decorating competition – all Disney princess cakes. I bet Cera would love that!

  2. She loves the decorating shows on Food TV. We’ve watched princesses and villains and cakes created for “The Simpsons Movie.” I have yet to introduce her to “Ace of Cakes” because it’s on past her bedtime, but maybe I’ll start taping it for her …

  3. Well, genetics never lie. Looks like you’ve got another gourmet cook in the making. You never know, she maybe the youngest culinary student in the history of the world. I’d eat her cooking anytime.

  4. They sell season 1 on DVD.

  5. […] kids are still obsessed with the cake- and cupcake-decorating segments on Howdini, sometimes sitting quietly for up to an […]

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