Posted by: Jamie Stamm | October 2, 2008

An emerging fashionista?

A few Thursdays ago, I wore a long skirt and short-sleeved sweater when I volunteered in Cera’s classroom.

“Mom,” she said, a sense of disbelief in her voice, “you look nice.”

True, I rarely wear skirts or dresses, even less so now that I don’t work. Most days, I just throw on gym shorts and a T-shirt, as my daily activities consist of trying to keep my kitchen clean (a losing cause) and playing any and all sports with my toddler. If I have to take Cera to soccer or gymnastics, I might make myself a little more presentable by donning a khaki skort, but that’s about as fancy as I get.

Anyway, the Wednesday night after she complimented my outfit, Cera casually approached me as I laid out her clothing for the next morning.

“So mom, what are you going to wear for Lunch Bunch tomorrow?” she asked.

“I thought maybe my tan skirt and chocolate brown shirt,” I said.

“Show it to me,” she instructed.

So apparently, before showing up at school, I now have to get wardrobe approval. From a 5-year-old.

Cera’s emerging sense of style was evident again tonight as I got her out of the bathtub.

“Why do I always have to have this one?” Cera asked as I wrapped a pink Dora towel around her.

“Which towel do you want?” I asked. “I’ve got SpongeBob or the one with the tigers on it. Or how about the cute little towel with the frogs?”

“Can I have one with a pattern?” she replied. “You know, something with stripes, or maybe spots.”

So even our towels have to be fashionable? I guess this less-than-trendy mom had better get with the program.


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