Posted by: Jamie Stamm | September 28, 2008

Potty Training Chronicles: Episode 4

Just to prove how desperate I’ve become for Anthony to show an ounce of interest in potty training, I bought him this book:

The title is “The Potty Train,” and I decided to make my purchase after reading reviews of the book by parents of other toddlers who, like Anthony, are fans of “Thomas the Tank Engine.” They said this story of a little boy who says good-bye to diapers and takes the journey to “Underpants Station” helped to get their kids motivated.

The story itself is fine, the illustrations are pretty darn cute and the overall reading experience had Anthony asking lots of questions about big boys and underpants (I have six pair ready and waiting when he’s prepared to make the move).

But there is one thing that kills me about this book. Emblazened across the front cover, and repeated again within the text, are the words “Chugga chugga poooo-pooooooo!”

Which has now become my son’s favorite phrase.

I should probably apologize in advance to the parents of his fellow preschoolers …


  1. Laughing out loud! That’s hilarious, Jamie. We’re the authors of the Potty Train and your blog post popped up automatically because of a search program we have. But rest assured, the Chugga Chugga Poo Poo side-effect is short lived. Our son went through it, too, but now is chugging along just fine without announcing it to everyone. Thanks for the post and we love the picture!

  2. Try potty training rewards. This worked great for our son. He loved pushing the audio push button hearing he is a Big Boy and opening a door to find a chocolate surprise. He really became involved. He was peeing and pooping in his potty within a week. Have a look and see if this would work for you.

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