Posted by: Jamie Stamm | September 28, 2008

A need to prove myself

My daughter, who attends kindergarten at a year-round school, starts her first three-week intercession tomorrow.

And last week, while her aunt – my sister, who is a first-grade teacher at a year-round – was visiting from Wilmington, Cera informed her: “I don’t want to stay home with boring Mommy.”


So now I feel like I have just 21 days to prove my prowess as a fun mommy.

I’ve already sent in our membership application for a nearby children’s museum, and I plan to get both kids passes to a local “bounce house.” I’m going to take Cera craft shopping early in the week, and I’m trying to convince Jerry to take a few days off work so we can go to the beach. We’ll go to story time at the library each Wednesday, I plan to offer kid-friendly cooking lessons (Blue pancakes, anyone? How about homemade soft pretzels?) and a friend and I are going to host a girls’ morning out for Cera while Anthony is at preschool.

And, of course, Cera will still have soccer and gymnastics each week, along with her favorite pastime – fighting with her brother.

But will it be enough for a 5-year-old who declares her boredom every 20 minutes or so? (And that’s after an exhausting day of kindergarten.)

I’ve already warned Jerry that he might come home to find me huddled in a corner, rocking back and forth and muttering, “I’m a boring mommy. I’m a boring mommy.”

Let’s just hope that doesn’t happen.



  1. Oh, how daunting! Best of luck to you, my friend.

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