Posted by: Jamie Stamm | September 23, 2008

Progress :-)

I think the area where I have failed most as a parent is bedtime.

Both our kids slept with Jerry and I from the very first at-home cry, so weaning them from Mommy and Daddy’s bed has been a challenge.

Cera now goes to sleep in her own bed five nights a week, although we allow her to fall asleep in our bed each Friday and Saturday and then move her to her room when we go to bed. But Anthony … well, he floats off to dreamland in our bed each night, and we then try to move him to his room, where he will stay anywhere from six seconds to six hours.

Last night, Anthony asked to go to bed in his room. Not unusual; he makes the request often, then shows up in our room within minutes.

But, to our complete shock, he fell asleep – and didn’t make his way to Mommy and Daddy’s room until nearly 2 a.m.

So this morning, I let him pick a toy from his prize box. It’s supposed to be reserved for when he finally starts using the potty, but, heck, I thought last night’s accomplishment was pretty impressive. He chose a matchbox-sized fire truck with an aerial ladder that he’d been eying.

Tonight, we pushed Ant to sleep in his bed again, but – at first – he was having none of it. He laid along my legs, sucking on his fingers like he does when he’s trying to comfort himself.

“Don’t you want another prize?” I asked, as his Daddy tried to cart him off to bed. “If you sleep in your bed, you get to pick another prize.”

He leapt into Jerry’s arms, laid down in his bed and was sound asleep in minutes.

And that wasn’t the biggest surprise of the past 24 hours. That would have to be Cera, acknowledging that her brother got a toy with this remark:

“I don’t need a prize to sleep in my own bed. I’m a big girl.”

What is happening in this house?


  1. Jackson was always an independent sleeper, but Colin still gets in our bed every night. It’s probably a miracle I managed to end up pregnant again! We moved his bed into his big brother’s room yesterday and I really hope that helps…but I won’t hold my breath.

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