Posted by: Jamie Stamm | September 18, 2008

Surprise, surprise: Someone is listening to me

When Cera plays offense during a soccer match, more often than not, she is spot on. She hustles. She keeps her eye on the ball. And twice she’s made it all the way to the goal cage, although she has yet to score.

But put her on defense, and she doesn’t pay a bit of attention. She waves to the crowd. She stares off into space. And a few games ago, she was holding hands and engaged in deep conversation with a fellow defender as players from the opposing team came barreling toward them.

This attention deficit extends to the practice field, where she dances, tries to pick up her teammates (even though she’s one of the smallest players out there) and simply floats off into La-La Land.

So Jerry and I are constantly reminding her to pay attention – to the game, to practice drills, to her coach. We emphasize the need to be alert before she even gets out of the car, and if we notice her drifting during practice or a game, we talk about it again on our way home. And, even though we try not to, we occasionally find ourselves yelling at her to pay attention in the midst of a game.

I don’t know if any of it sinks in since we seem to have the same conversation at least twice a week.

But tonight I realized that at least one of my kids is listening.

Because as we pulled into the parking lot before practice, Anthony gave his big sister a stern look and said, “Cera, remember, you have to pay attention.”

I couldn’t help but laugh.



  1. That is too funny! Leah does the same thing with Hailey. It REALLY makes Hailey mad!

    WHY do little girls have this thing about picking each other up? I will NEVER understand that!

  2. Awwwwwww.

    Don’t worry too much about her not paying attention… She’s five, right? Let her get away with it while she still can, haha. I payed rapt attention to everything through early elementary school, decided I’d frankly had enough, and turned into at total space cadette. I can’t sit through a lecture without a solid page of doodles and mentally writing a chapter of my life story…

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