Posted by: Jamie Stamm | September 17, 2008

Why my toddler is incredibly cool

Jerry and I are “Rock Band” addicts, so when “Rock Band 2” was released yesterday, we just had to have it. (I think I would have found it difficult to justify the price on our now-one-income budget had Tuesday not been my birthday, so … happy birthday to me!)

With the kids nestled snug in their beds, Jerry took his place behind the drums and I grabbed the mic, and we proceeded to rock out until well past our own bedtimes. When we were finally able to pull our weary selves away around 2 a.m., we just left the equipment where it was, so when the kids woke up this morning, it was evident that mom and dad had spent the night playing Xbox.

Cera was oblivious (as she often is in the a.m.), but Anthony was a bit upset that we had played “Rock Band” – one of his favorite video games – without him.

“Why don’t we play tonight when Daddy gets home from work?” I suggested, not quite up for a jam session at 8:30 a.m. – and on just a few hours of sleep.

“You and me and Daddy and Cera?” Anthony asked, his excitement rising.

Then, the kicker: “Can we play ‘Black Hole Sun’? ‘Black Hole Sun’ is really cool.”

How much do I love that my 2-year-old can name a Soundgarden song? (And he knows the chorus, too, not that it’s terribly complicated. But still …)

I can’t wait to rock with him tonight!



  1. He’s even got the rocker stance! I now have to go to youtube and listen to Black Hole Sun. Good song, Anthony has good taste in music!

  2. I am so jealous…RB 2 for Wii doesn’t come out until November! Ed is jamming away as I type! Two bad you/Jerry, Billy/Jen and Ed/I all have different platforms for RB!

    I LOVE the picture of Anthony in his rocker stance!

  3. Ok THAT is adorable. He really does look like he knows what he’s doing. Now you need to teach him how to throw metal horns.:)

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